#Poem underaged Schnapps

~ ~ #Poem underaged Schnapps
~ main post here ~ http://ashleybovan.wordpress.com/2014/10/21/poem-underaged-schnapps/

In the old bar
in Melchtal
we played the jukebox
Gates of Eden
over and over
One night
men sang to us
and I slipped
a souvenir ashtray
under my jacket
We drank underaged Schnapps
and you took a sugar cube
soaked it
pushed it into my mouth
and placed your finger on my lips
as if I was going to speak
and shouldn’t


About Ashley Bovan

I work at Poetry & Photography
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4 Responses to #Poem underaged Schnapps

  1. stevenharz says:

    Reblogged this on The Poetry Blog of Steven Harz and commented:
    This really caught me today – especially the last two lines…..

  2. stevenharz says:

    So beautiful that I had to reblog!!!!!

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