#Poem Seasons End, Never to Return

~ ~ #Poem Seasons End, Never to Return
~ main post here ~ http://ashleybovan.wordpress.com/2014/10/29/poem-seasons-end-never-to-return/

No one said final episode.
No one said temporary,
move on, let it go

I know I’m just a small cog
in a big fish-tank,
I don’t expect events
to conform to my wishes –
I just thought I’d learned how to get by

An uncanny conspiracy of events
forced time into a new profile –
not part of my agenda

I have an inescapable, life-skills curriculum;
the word enough is not on my CV.
Why is that?
How do I drop out?
(and, preferably,
before I drop dead)


About Ashley Bovan

I work at Poetry & Photography
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